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The Gymshipping Community's Journal
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Monday, October 25th, 2010
3:33 am
Introduction To A Dead Community

...okay, this is so super depressing. I find a BrockxMisty Livejournal community and it's deader than dead. This sucks!

Anyway, if anyone's still alive here, I'm Maz. I just got back into the world of Pokemans and only just started shipping. Brock and Misty were always my favorite characters (other than Team Rocket, my sexy OT3), and on a whim I thought I'd check out some Gymshipping fanfics and see if they were any good. Oh my god. They were good. They were so damn good. Brock and Misty could totally be a couple and it would be beautiful Rock Pokémon/Water Pokémon harmony.

I've been searching for fanfic/fanart/comic/what have you recommendations, and if anyone sees this and has any, I'd love to see 'em! I can't get enough of these two.
Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
8:21 pm
8:00 pm
Wednesday, May 24th, 2006
7:39 pm
Sunday, May 14th, 2006
10:18 pm
This place definitely needs some interior decorating.
We need a good layout.
Someone e-mail me the password!
Either in Yahoo! (for the Gymshipping community)

or my gmail...

I can post lotsa stuff!
AKA Jazz
Friday, May 12th, 2006
2:01 pm
First Poster
First time posting in this thread... Hopefully this place will be filled with art/fiction/icons/whatever

If you want to submit anything, feel free!

So if you like Gymshipping, join the community!
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